6 reasons why you should listen to music every day according to science

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 November 2016 saa 02:53
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I love listening to good music everyday because I derive so many benefits from it. It helps calm me and also helps me when I need to sleep.

Listening to music have lots of benefits and below are 6 reasons why scientists feel you should listen to music every day

1. Helps you sleep

According to a May 2008 study, listening to music helps improve sleep quality in people with poor sleep. According to the researchers, relaxing classical music is an effective intervention in reducing sleep problems.

2. Helps relieve stress

Researchers have found that music can calm us down. According to researchers, listening to music is an effective way to reduce physiological stress.

3. Helps boost performance

According to researchers, listening to up-tempo, pleasing music can give you the motivation needed to start cognitive tasks and task requiring creativity. Researchers have also found that upbeat music can help you do well under pressure.

4. Music can elevate your mood

Researchers have found that listening to music can elevate your mood and make you happier.

5. Music can help you heal

According to a 2014 study, music can help us heal after a breakup and this is the reason we listen to melancholic, soul-shattering music after a breakup. Researchers found that listening to sad music after a breakup may actually induce positive emotions.

6. Music helps you work out better

According to researchers, listening to music can help boost your workout and also help you run faster.