6 things to consider before quitting your job

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 22 March 2017 saa 08:22
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Sometimes you might have that gut or desire to quit your job without thinking things through, only to regret it later on.

Quitting your job is a huge decision and isn’t a decision that should be taken in a hurry.

These are some things you should consider before quitting your job

1. What will be your temporal source of income?

One thing with paying bills is that there’s always an endless list of bills to pay; with every new month comes new bills, and they never stop coming. However, you might feel content at the moment because there’s a source of income to foot your bills. The moment you stop earning money, even the little bills will become a burden. Stagnant money isn’t money at all.

2. Do you have a plan ?

You shouldn’t just quit your job without a plan. Before you quit your job you should always ask yourself — what next? Asking yourself that question when you have quit your job will leave you unprepared for what to come ahead.

3. Why do you want to quit?

Sometimes, people have quit good jobs just because of silly situations, and many regret this decision for many years.

Are you quitting your job because your boss talked to you in a harsh tone? Are you unhappy at work. Find out why you want to quit, and if it’s enough reason for you to quit.

4. Is this the right time?

Are you prepared to quit? Is the timing right? How will you survive at that point? Even if you have a plan, it should be in timely fashion; are you quitting that job at the right time?

5. Do you have the right experience?

Do you have enough experience to land yourself another job if you quit your present job? Are you a hot property in the market and you already have job offers coming from other firms. If the answers are no, then you need to have a rethink.

6. Do you have the right tools?

If you are quitting your job to start a business or pursue a dream, then there are questions you need to ask yourself — do you have the tools necessary to start the project? Do you have the capital and resources to start? Have you learned enough of that project you are heading into, and are you ready?

Quitting your job could be a blessing and could also be a curse; it all depends on you. Many people quit their jobs without being ready for the next phase, and end up suffering for it.