6 things you need to have accomplished at 25

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 23 November 2016 saa 12:35
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25 is an important age in the life of someone. It is the age that one is truly considered mature and ready to take on life. 21 is the official age of adulthood, but you’re not really there until 4 years later. At 25, a lot is expected of you as a person, both from your family and friends. And although I acknowledge that things don’t always go as planned most of the time, there still are basic things that are expected of one by the time they turn 25; they include…

Good communication skills

Children struggle to communicate sometimes because they’re children, and are still developing mentally, however as an adult, you have no reason to not be able to communicate properly with those around you. At 25, you would have gone into the real world, and you’ll meet people of different calibre and class, it’s your ability to communicate with them clearly that will help you through those meetings. So it’s important to work on your communication skills, your diction, accent, your body language and everything you need to reach out to people properly.

Know what you’re great at

Every single human has a talent in them; a gift from nature, something they’re very good at, which is meant to stand them out from the pack. For some it’s sports, others music, acting, comedy, oratory, hosting, etc. So it’s down to you to identify whatever it is your own gift is. Some people notice theirs very early, and others a bit later; but it’s important to know as early as possible, because the earlier you know, the earlier you’ll put it to good use. At 25, you ought to have identified your talent, and started using it to affect lives.

Computer literacy

I don’t need to remind you that the world is transforming quickly into a fully computerized system. If you do not know how to use certain technological tools, it’ll be hard for you to survive in the present world we live in. Computers are replacing manual labor to an extent, and employers no longer hire those who do not know how to use a PC. So imagine how difficult it’ll be to land a job without a good knowledge of the computer. So by the time you’re 25, it’s necessary to have acquired all necessary knowledge there is about technology and computers.

Ooze confidence

At 25, you’re considered a real man or woman. At that age you’re expected to have overcome shyness, and be more confident and bold. You should be able to comfortably interact with people of the opposite sex. You should be comfortable with meeting new people and having fun around them. It’s not as easy as I make it seem, I know, but I also know that it’s not impossible to achieve this.

Have (a) guiding principle (s)

Guiding principles are more or less, a set of beliefs or rules that a person lives by. Guiding principles will make you more disciplined and mature as you pursue your life’s goals. A person without a guiding principle cannot go as far as they should in their life’s endeavours because they wouldn’t have the right attitude and discipline to. By 25, you must have established a set of beliefs and rules for yourself, and follow them to the latter.

Have a definite plan for tomorrow

What do you want out of life? Where do you want to be tomorrow? You must have these thoughts, analysed it thoroughly, and identified the ways you’ll go about achieving them. A person without a plan for their life is as good as dead because they don’t even know where they’re going from where they are. They don’t know why they’re alive, and their purpose in life.

Good luck being everything you want to become!