6 things you should stop doing on Facebook

Published by Elcrema
On 5 October 2016 saa 02:20
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Facebook is one of the go-to social media for everyone; it’s a good platform for reuniting with old friends, meeting new friends and keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues.

Inasmuch as Facebook is an extraordinary platform for sharing our lives with people who matter, there are certain things people do on Facebook that they just shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t spend all the day on it

Facebook is a fun platform and possibly addictive, but spending time meant for something else on Facebook isn’t really a wise decision. Try to do more with your time, and if you’re interested in meeting people, one on one interaction is usually the best.

Do not spend your whole day on Facebook. Be more productive

2. Brag

Some people go to Facebook mainly to show off; many of their updates aim to brag about certain things going on in their lives.

Some even brag in an indirect way; for example, “I don’t know which to wear today — my $19,000 Gucci shoe or my $21,000 Louis Vuitton shoe.” That’s an indirect way of bragging, and it really shouldn’t be done on Facebook.

3. Don’t compare or condemn yourself

One thing a lot of people do is condemn or compare themselves to others on Facebook. Don’t let the edited and photoshopped pictures of people make you condemn yourself, don’t get carried with other people’s update to the extent of making yourself feel terrible. Facebook is a platform mainly for contact and interaction with friends and family and also meeting new people — don’t beat yourself up for no reason.

4. Don’t live your life on Facebook

It’s amazing that some people live their life on Facebook; every quarrel with their spouse, everything that they do is well documented on Facebook. Even though Facebook is a platform for sharing your life, it should never get too personal.

5. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments

It’s easy to pick up a quarrel over issues like politics, sports, religion, tribe, race and a whole lot of things on Facebook, but never get into unnecessary and childish arguments to prove a point — it’s never worth it.

6. Don’t be fake

Truth be told, there are a lot of fake people on Facebook; people try to be impressive on Facebook that they become so fake — from their updates, pictures and everything, there is nothing original.

Many people can’t post up natural photos of themselves anymore, many pretend to own cars and houses which aren’t theirs, many only post edited photos. Don’t join the trend; be original, it might not fetch you many friends, but you would get real friends.

These are typical cases found on Facebook on a regular basis; but don’t be a part of this trend.