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60 unique baby names for your baby girl
Published on 1-09-2016 - at 01:52' by Elcrema

Are you pregnant and seeking a unique name for your baby girl or maybe you are not pregnant but need to get some baby names ready.

Below are 60 baby names for your girl child with wonderful meanings

1. Allegra: Joyful

2. Halona: Of happy fortune

3. Joy: Happy

4. Trixie: Happy

5. Beatrix: She who brings happiness

6. Farrah: Happy

7. Caroline: Song of happiness

8. Felicity: Happy

9. Carolina: Song of happiness

1o. Luana: Content, happy

11. Chloe: Fresh blooming

12. Madison: Gift of God

13. Violet: Flower

14. Victoria: Victory or triumphant

15. Sophia: Wise

16. Emma: Whole or complete

17. Olivia: Olive, symbol of peace

18. Isabella: Devoted to God

19. Hannah: Favor or grace

20. Amity: Friendship, harmony

21. Nadia: Hope

22. Angelica: Angelic

23. Irene: Peace

24. Linnea: Flower

25. Orianna: Golden

26. Abigail: father’s joy

27. Bethany: the house of song

28. Charity: love, faith and hope

29. Elizabeth: the oath or fullness of God

30. Faith: faithful

31. Judith: praised

32. Mary: wished-for child

33. Naomi: beautiful; agreeable

34. Phoebe: the shining one

35. Tabitha: gazelle, beauty, grace

36. Jolie: Cheerful, pretty

37. Elle: Beautiful fairy

38. Lily: Purity and beauty

39. Mabel: My beautiful one

40. Karishma: Miracle

41. Alazne: Miracle

42. Karamat: Miracle

43. Jamille: Beautiful

44. Kenna: Attractive

45. Lana: Attractive, peaceful

46. Naveen: Beautiful

47. Belinda: Very beautiful

48. Cher: Dear one, darling

49. Aphrodite: Goddess of love

50. Theophilia: Loved by God

51. Cara: Beloved

52. Vida: Dearly loved

53. Carina: Beloved

54. Amada: Beloved

55. Amor: Love

56. Darlene: Tenderly loved

57. Kalila: Dearly loved

58. Milada: My love

59.Grania: Love

60. Amia: Beloved



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