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7 daily habits that are hindering you from succeeding
Published on 8-08-2016 - at 00:47' by Elcrema

I’ve heard people say ’24 hours isn’t enough in a day’, but is that really true?

You can’t affect how many hours you have in a day, but you can affect how you spend each hour of the day. And people who really believe that 24 hours isn’t enough in a day would still achieve little each day even if they are given additional 10 hours daily.

1. You don’t practice good sleep routine

Your sleep affects your morning and even your whole day. If you don’t sleep well, your sleep would affect your day and you would be unproductive.

2. You don’t plan your morning

Your day wouldn’t be efficient enough if it isn’t well planned from the start. Plan how you would spend each day from the moment you wake up; it would help guide you and make you more efficient.

3. You prioritize lesser important things

Prioritise your day well enough and do the more important things over the lesser ones. You waste your day when you prioritise it on things that are lesser important over the important ones.

4. You spend your energy on unimportant things

When you spend your time on irrelevant things, you would find that you would have been exhausted by the time you needed to do something important, and you wouldn’t be efficient enough in doing the more important stuffs.

5. You procrastinate a lot

This is a major way a lot of people waste their day. You keep avoiding the things you should do now for a later date and always a later date. Procrastination is a sign of laziness and nonchalance.

6. You avoid difficult tasks

Running away from difficult tasks wouldn’t solve them or take them away. But many tend to avoid these difficult tasks, and they only end up piling difficulties.

7. Not contributing anything to your daily growth

Do something each day that would make you a better person with each day and that would ensure your personal growth. You waste your time when you avoid growing your inner self.

Your time is like a seed, and each hour wasted is like a seed that’s thrown away — that would never germinate and would never bring forth fruits.

How do you spend your 24 hours?



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