7 habits you should never exhibit in your workplace

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On 31 May 2017 saa 01:03
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You ought to be the best representation of yourself at your place of work, because people will judge you based on what they see you do.

Whether you know this or not, there’s a subconscious part of every human that tends to notice things around them even when they don’t know it. So, people are noticing you and your reputation is solely based on what they notice.

Now, these are some work habits that should never be found in your workplace:

1. Arrogance

Having confidence in your ability is a good thing, but try to make yourself feel superior and bring others down is arrogance, and this should never be found in you.

2. Complaining

Never complain about work; never see your job as a boring, difficult and annoying thing you have to do just to get a paycheck. You’d never grow beyond that point when you have this attitude to work.

3. Procrastination

Never be known in your workplace as a procrastinator; anything you can do today, do today. Stop pushing work over till the next day.

4. Being defensive

We all have defense mechanism in us, but more often than not, your defence mechanism is the cause of many terrible habits you indulge in. Learn to take corrections, learn from your mistakes and stop being defensive. You can never improve when you are defensive.

5. Nonchalance and laziness

If there are two things that’ll kill your reputation at work, it is these two — nonchalance and laziness.

Be dedicated and committed to your work, and you’d always see the result.

6. Gossip and lies

Try as much as possible to steer clear of office gossips, rumours and lies. These things ruin reputation.

7. Sleepiness and dullness

Practice good sleep habits during the night, so that you’ll be sharp at work. Sharpness in an employee is every employer’s delight and dullness is one thing every employer detests.

These seven habits will bring you so much harm, and there’s nothing good about them. If you must be the best in your workplace, if you must be known as a man/woman of character in your workplace, then these habits must be far from you.