7 tips to help you live within your means

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On 26 August 2016 saa 01:38
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When you don’t live within your means, you will find yourself in debts, stagnation, and you wouldn’t make any significant growth as a person.

Living within your means would set you on course to planning your life better and achieving set goals.

How can you live within your means?

1. Have a budget

Have a budget, have a plan of how you spend your income. Don’t just spend money — plan how you spend.

Create a list of your expenses for each week or month, depending on how you earn and have a plan on how much that should be allocated for each.

2. Tally it with your income

Let your budget don’t be ambiguous; it should tally with your income. The aim of the budget is to keep you on track on how to spend your money.

3. Stick to the plan

The problem with many isn’t really that they don’t plan their money. It’s that they don’t stick to the plan. Don’t just have a plan for nothing; try to live accordingly.

4. Keep records

Keep records of your expenses to know where your money is going. Keeping records would give you an idea of how you spend your money.

5. Cut unnecessary expenses

Cut down on things you don’t really need; track unnecessary expenses and reduce what you spend on those items. Avoid splurging and impulse purchases; they would wreck your finance.

Have a list of your needs and wants, and try to spend more on your needs and cut down your wants.

6. Set saving goals

Set money aside for savings; have a goal to save a certain percentage of your income each month. Save for a future goal and save for emergency — very necessary.

7. Don’t live on someone else’s budget

Don’t do something because someone else did it. Plan your life according to your budget and stop trying to impress or imitate people; you will never live within your budget when you do this.

If you want to enjoy a financially healthy life, free of debts, and one you can plan your future, you ought to live within your means.