7 tips to solve those money problems affecting your marriage

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On 1 May 2017 saa 08:51
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Money is an important factor in marriages, and when couples start to have those money problems, it can transfer to other parts of the marriage, including the love, happiness and satisfaction that once existed.

I’ve written on some of those money problems that could ruin your marriage, and this article will teach you how to avoid them.

1. Be on the same page

Being on the same page with your partner is the first step to solving your money problems. When you both have the same vision and similar future plans, it’ll become easier to bring this understanding in solving your money differences.

2. Identify the spender and saver

One major reason why many couples have conflict when it comes to money matters is their different money habits. If one partner is a spender and the other is a saver, the marriage will suffer from it. Identifying the spender and saver is the first step to solving this problem.

3. Let there be a meeting point

Both partners should be willing to cut short on their habit, and the issue of being a spender and a saver will be far forgotten.

4. Live within your means

Another reason many couples are finding it difficult in finance that’s eating up their marriage is that they don’t live within their means. You set yourself into many problems when you live above your means, and this will definitely affect your marriage.

5. Discuss your demons

What money habit do you have that’s eating up your finances? It could be debt, love for luxury, spending without planning etc. You know where you are wrong financially, so be open about it with your partner or your marriage might just suffer for it.

6. Understand each other

Another major reason why couples argue and fight over money matter is because they don’t understand each other; they only understand what they want individually but not together.

Listen to your partner and try to understand where your partner is driving at, and then plan together.

7. Learn the basics of fiance

More importantly, learn the basics of financial principles and do things together. Plan together, have a budget, make provision for savings, and set your goals together.

If you are on different page in the money department, then even the love department will tend to suffer as well.