8 damaging thoughts that will only kill your self-confidence

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On 15 May 2017 saa 08:08
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Your thoughts can either lift you up or bring you down; positive thoughts will make you act positively and negative thoughts will make you act negatively.

There are some thoughts you shouldn’t harbour in your heart, and even when they come, you should wave them off, because negative thoughts are like termites; they’ll keep building gradually until they eat off the whole wood.

Never let these eight thoughts have a place in your heart.

1. “It’s too late”

It’s never too late until you say it’s too late; many people reach the peak of their careers and whatsoever they wanted to achieve at an old age, hence the name ‘late bloomers’; but the most important thing is that they bloomed. Believing that it’s already late to achieve greatness or attain a set goal will only kill your goal.

2. “I’m not good enough”

There’s only one you on this planet; no other version of you – no imitation, no photocopy – just you. Why then will you believe that you aren’t good enough?

Thinking you aren’t good enough will only kill the confidence you have in yourself.

3. “They won’t accept me”

You don’t need people to accept you; the only person you need is you and until you accept yourself, you’ll remain at a standstill.

4. “I hate my body”

Jim Rohn said – “Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live in.” If you hate the only body you have, how can you be successful in it. A lot of people have lost their confidence because they fail to appreciate their bodies.

5. “I can’t”

‘Can’t’ is a word that shouldn’t exist in your dictionary. The words that follow can’t include failure, impossible, unachievable – and these words are the opposite of success. If you must erase any word from your dictionary, it’s ‘can’t’. The moment you say you can’t, then you can’t.

6. “What will people say?”

Trying to please people and get their acceptance will not only make you stuck at a point, but it’ll also kill your confidence.

Care less about what people will say and think about you, and care more about where you are going to in life. Because people’s validation of you will only pull you down, and you don’t even need their validation to go up in the first place.

7. “I give up”

These three words is like putting the final nail on a coffin; never give up, because it’s only when you give up, that your journey ends. It’s like starting a long distance race and not finishing; it may be hard and tedious along the way, but the prize and glory at the end is usually worth it.

8. “Everyone is moving forward but me ”

Life isn’t a competition, so you should never use people’s pace and success to compare with yours. If you do this, you’ll never reach your desired heights. Putting your focus on other people wouldn’t only make you lose focus of your own journey, but will kill every belief you have in you.

Never give these thoughts a chance in your heart, because they’ll ruin your confidence, and once your confidence is lost, almost every other thing will be lost.