8 silly interview mistakes job seekers often make

Published by Elcrema
On 20 September 2016 saa 01:13
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While a CV is a professional representation of yourself on paper, an interview is even beyond that. An interview goes beyond what’s written on that paper; it’s about how you conduct and present yourself.

Unfortunately, not many know how to conduct and present themselves favourably for an interview. Many job seekers are often faced with making silly mistakes, and below are some of them:

1. A shabby appearance

Whether you know this or not, a shabby appearance will make you lose the job, no matter how well-written your CV is. How you present yourself (i.e. your appearance) matters a lot.

2. Being late

One thing your interviewer expects from you is punctuality. If you can’t be punctual for an interview, what attitude will you show when given the job?

3. Mobile phones

People take their mobile phones in for an interview and forget to turn it off. Having your phone ring or meddling with it when with your interviewer is a big offence that shows nonchalance. You’d definitely lose the job when you do this.

4. Interrupting your interviewer

Cutting your interviewer short during an interview is impolite, rude and offensive. Some job interviewers do this to show their zest and intelligence, but you score zero in many interviewer’s eye when you do this.

5. Speaking in fake accent

Your interviewer wants you to communicate properly and be original as well. Speaking in a fake accent damages your authenticity as well as communication.

6. Talking bad about your former job

Talking bad about your former employer in front of a prospective employer might limit your chances of getting that job. In the employer’s eyes, you’ll do the same about him/her in the nearest future.

7. Not doing your research about the company

Your employer expects you to do some background research about the company; it shows you’re interested in the company and it speaks so much about your preparedness for the job. Having no clue about the company is plain silly.

8. Telling lies

Your interviewer expects a certain level of honesty and professionalism from you, and some job seekers tend to tell cheap lies that are just too obvious.

These interview mistakes are silly to make, and you’ll end up losing the job if you’re caught up in these mistakes.