8 ways to earn people’s respect

Published by Elcrema
On 27 September 2016 saa 01:19
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Respect isn’t given, it’s earned; people aren’t just going to respect you because you want to be respected, they would respect you when they feel you deserve their respect.

So how can you earn people’s respect?

1. Respect others

Respect is reciprocal; people reciprocate respect. Many people who respect others are also respected. So for you to be a respected person, you must be willing to respect others.

2. Be original

You’d never earn people’s respect when you’re the fake version of yourself. People want to see the real you, they want you to be genuine and they’d respect you if you are genuine.

3. Have principles

Don’t just be the one who says yes to everything and everyone; people would take you for a ride when you do that. Have principles and a moral code, and live by it no matter what. People would respect when they know you are a person of principle.

4. Add value

Genuinely care about people and add value to their lives, and they wouldn’t only love you for it, they’d respect you as well. People want to know that you care and when you add value to their lives, they’d respect you for it.

5. When you are inspiring

When you are someone who people look up to and who inspires people to be better, they’d respect you for the role you play in their lives.

6. Believe in yourself

When you don’t believe in yourself, people won’t believe in you. Self-confidence is important in winning people’s respect. People would see in you what you see in yourself.

7. Control emotions

When you don’t know how to keep your emotions in check, you’d lose control a lot of the times, and this would kill people’s respect for you. Knowing how to control your emotion — the negative ones especially would make you a better person and people would respect you the more.

8. Be a hard worker

When you’re diligent in your work and you’re a focused person, people will respect you more. Lazy people are never respected.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to be rich to earn people’s respect. I’ve seen rich people who aren’t respected and poor people who are well-respected. It’s all about values.