9 face-washing mistakes you are making that could ruin your face

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On 19 August 2016 saa 01:36
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You might think that you can never get face washing wrong but there are common mistakes most people make when washing their face which can lead to a whole list of skin woes including dryness and irritation. You just might be making these mistakes too.

Below are 9 face washing mistakes you are making that could ruin your face

1. Washing your face too much

Washing your face too much can irritate your skin ironically leading to an overproduction of oil. Washing your face once or twice a day is recommended.

2. Ensure you use the right water temperature

I understand you enjoy the feeling you get when using hot water but the truth is you should avoid using hot water for your face as it can damage your skin’s natural, protective oils and lead to over-drying or over production of sebum. Extremely cold water isn’t good for your face too either. Lukewarm water is your best bet to get the grub off your face without any skin damage.

3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is good for your face as it helps remove dead skin cells. You should avoid too much exfoliation as it irritates the facial skin and when you do not exfoliate at all, it gives rise to blackheads and acne. Moderation is key and stick to exfoliating two or three times per week max.

4. Rubbing your face with towel

Rubbing your face with towel is bad for your face as it tugs and pulls your skin, putting your elastin at risk. Pat your face with your towel instead of rubbing it.

5. Moisturizers

Applying moisturizers while your face is damp helps maximise absorption and seal in moisture. The best time to apply moisturizers is immediately after cleansing.

6. Makeup removal

Makeup removal before going to bed is a must and not a choice as it helps your skin breathe. Your skin finds it difficult to breathe under that clump of makeup.

7. Pick the right cleanser

You shouldn’t use any cleanser just because your friend is using it. Pick a pH balanced cleanser that’s perfect for your skin. Creamier cleansers work well with dry skin while foaming or gel cleansers work well with oily skin.

8. Ensure your hands are clean

Before washing your face, you must ensure your hands are clean. Your face can’t be clean if you use dirty hands to wash them.

9. Rinse your face properly

Ensure your face is rinsed properly of any cleanser as residue can lead to dryness.