9 reasons you should stop living in regrets

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 9 May 2017 saa 09:01
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Living in regrets is never the right way to go, and a lot of people carry regrets deep in their hearts for some wrong decisions they have made in the past.

Are you one of those people living in regrets? You have to let go or else you’ll remain stuck in a particular spot.

These are some of the reasons you should stop living in regrets:

1. You keep yourself backward

You can’t move forward when you are stuck in the past. You jeopardise your future whenever you let your past hold you bound.

2. You’d miss opportunities

You can never see what’s at the front when your eyes are at the back, same way you can never see the opportunities that lie ahead when your focus is on what happened in the past.

3. Your life will be at a standstill

Focus is a major catalyst for success. Every true success story has a great element of focus attached to it. When your focus is on the past you can never reach the desired heights.

4. Happiness will be far from you

You can’t live in regrets and be a happy person. One defining factor that links everyone living in regret is unhappiness and deep sadness. How much gain is there in letting your heart wallow in sadness?

5. Mistakes are only experiences

Mistakes are only experiences that will toughen you up for the future or teach you vital lessons you need to know in life.

6. You only have one life to live

Yolo – You only live once, people say – and that’s the reality. You only have just one life to live; why should you decide to waste it living in regrets?

7. Bad outcomes can’t define you

You aren’t defined by the mistakes you’ve made in the past – a better definition of you is what you are doing in the present to better your future. So you have no reason to let a past mistake define you. Guess what? A lot of people have made worse mistakes and still reached great heights.

8. It doesn’t change the past

No matter how much you beat yourself and live in regret, you can never change the hands of time. The best thing you can do is learn from the past and avoid making the same mistake again.

9. You damage your self-esteem

Living in regrets will make you see yourself lowly; you’d only ruin your self-esteem and confidence when you do this. Be proud of who you are, be happy that you are alive. You are alive means you have the chance to right your wrongs; don’t let a past decision ruin you.

A life lived in regret is a life that’s wasted. So why then are you wasting your life?