9 ways to be a better boss

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On 31 May 2017 saa 01:20
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Being a good leader isn’t about the position you hold; you can hold a leadership position and be terrible at it.

For you to be a better boss, you must first understand the concept of followership; when you understand how to follow, then you wouldn’t find it difficult to understand how to lead, because they are both intertwined.

These are some tips to being a better boss:

1. Set achievable objectives

A good boss must be visionary, a good boss must have goals and targets, but it would be unwise to set unrealistic goals. This will only scare your subordinates and make work a burden. Be visionary, but move step by step till you achieve the desired height.

2. A good boss works

The only way to earn the respect of your subordinate is when you not only work as hard as your followers but when you even work harder than them. A good boss inspires the subordinates by being a hard worker.

3. A good boss recognizes the strength of the employees

Everyone has his strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to a good boss to recognise those strengths and weaknesses in the employees and assign tasks accordingly, while also helping them work on their weakness.

4. A good boss motivates

A good boss doesn’t frighten the employees; a good boss motivates and spurs them to be better. A good boss leads by example and motivates; good bosses don’t command and order people about.

5. Communication

A good boss ought to communicate well and provide the employees with clear directions and expectations.

Also, a good boss knows how to talk to the employees. Many bosses tend to dress down their employees with their mouths, but a good boss wouldn’t.

6. A good boss protects the interest of the employees

A good boss isn’t selfish but is interested in the welfare of the employees and protects their interest as well; a good boss practices empathy.

7. A good boss listens

A good boss is a good listener. No man is an island and no man knows it all. A good boss understands that a subordinate could know something that they don’t know and learn from the subordinate.

8. A good boss trusts

A good boss trusts employees who are due to be trusted and delegate certain tasks to them. This will spur that employee to strive for more.

9. A good boss scrutinizes own performance

A good boss analyses and scrutinises own performance and makes improvement where needed. Good bosses understand that they aren’t perfect and keep assessing their performances and make relevant improvement.

Being a good boss isn’t by the title you bear, but by the qualities you portray.