Banyarwanda in Uganda Mourn Ugly Murder of Member

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On 14 January 2013 saa 08:29
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(The parents of Late Nsenga)

Grief has engulfed the entire Banyarwanda community in Uganda following the grisly murder of one of their members.

Juvenal Nsenga’s death surprised many after details emerged that his murder was actually planned and executed by his wife whom the Ugandan media has identified as Jackie Uwera.

Nsenga is a son to a Kampala tycoon and businessman Donnat Kananura.

Mr.Kananura revealed this information to mourners on Sunday gathered at one of their family residences.

The Story

Its reported that after Christmas, Uwera expelled all workers at their residence and this is said to have angered her husband Nsenga.

“Nsenga is said to have questioned Uwera about who would take care of house work now that workers had been all sacked. Uwera is said to have told her husband that she would manage on her own,” Mr. Kananura narrated to mourners on Sunday.

Nsenga Final Moments

On his final day in the world, (it was a Friday at 5PM) Uwera is reported to have telephoned her husband asking him to return home as urgent as possible that there was something she wanted to tell him and not on phone.

Mr.Kananura narrated to grieving mourners that at 7PM his son drove back home, “On checking inside the house, Nsenga could not find his wife. She wasn’t at home. This compelled Nsenga to telephone her asking where she had gone.”

“Uwera returned home at 9PM. On reaching the gate at their residence, the gatekeeper was not available so she pressed the bell button at the gate. Then she later telephoned her husband to come and open the gate.”

“Nsenga first opened the left gate. He later bent downwards to open the right gate. As he was bent opening the get, Uwera drove and crashed him down breaking his ribs and spine and dragged him over 100meters into the residence compound.”

At this point, Uwera gathered her injured and heavily bleeding husband and rushed him to a nearby hospital Paragon Hospital where he was declared dead 6 hours later.

Forgive and Forget

Kananura has requested family members to forgive Uwera so that she can take care of the two children– a boy and girl, left behind by Nsenga.

Mr. Kananura further urged Uganda Police to suspend investigations into the death of his son, saying the family was willing to “forgive and forget.”

Police last Friday said they would investigate the incident to establish whether it was accidental or “premeditated crime.”

Nsenga was a successful businessman in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Mr. Kananura told mourners that Uwera made confessions of these details relating to the death of his son Nsenga.

Burrial of Nsenga will be held Tuesday at Kanungu District.

Photo above: Uwera Jackie

Additional reporting & photos: Chimpreports