Having a bad day?6 ways to cheer yourself up

Published by Elcrema
On 16 January 2017 saa 02:12
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Having a bad doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life; so you shouldn’t let a bad circumstance in a day ruin your happiness.

Enjoying every moment in life, and recognising that being happy is totally worth it, will make your life better.

These are 6 ways you can cheer yourself up

1. Don’t give in to that emotion

Happiness is an emotion, and sadness is also an emotion. It’s up to you to choose the emotion you want to live in. The emotion you give thought to is what’ll carry the day.

2. Learn to be in control

If you must overcome a bad day and be cheerful rather than being sad, then you must learn to be in control of your mind, and take control of certain thoughts that could ruin your happiness.

3. Do something

You can’t remain stuck and idle during a bad day and expect to be happy. You just have to move and do something.

4. Help someone

You must have heard that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive”. This is true in every way; the joy you feel from helping someone and making that person’s day can totally make your own day.

5. Call someone you love

Call someone you love and who means a lot to you, or better still, be with that person. Being in touch with a loved one will help cheer you up before you know it.

6. Enjoy nature

Nature will cheer you up in a way nothing else can. Take a walk to somewhere you can feel nature, and you’ll be amazed at how swift your thoughts and mindset will change from negative to positive.

Being a happy version of yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself.