Maid arrested over attempted infanticide

Published by Keisha Murenzi
On 30 June 2017 saa 08:46
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A housemaid who was working for a family in Gihara cell, Runda sector in Kamonyi district has been arrested and detained at Runda police station, suspected of being in the process of committing infanticide.

The maid, was caught red handed as she allegedly prepared to kill the two children by drowning them in River Nyabarongo. The children’s lives were saved by people who were passing by and got to their rescue.

IP Emmannuel Kayigi the police spokesperson in the Southern Province has told IGIHE that the maid was just about to kill the children of four and three years.

“She immersed the head of the first born in the river who cried loudly, attracting the attention of people in the neighbourhood. When they realized what was happening, they instantly grabbed the maid and rescued the children.” said IP Kayigi.

The children were then safely returned to their parents who claimed they’ve never had any conflict of any sort with the maid during her three years of service under their roof. The accused will be charged with attempted murder.