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Meet Niragire, Rwanda’s first specialized female surgeon
Published on 27-07-2016 - at 09:29' by IGIHE

Rwanda has been promoting women rights and building their capacities in the past 22, an act which serves as a model for other countries with 64% of parliament representatives being women and 8 out of 18 ministers are women.

Such strategic positioning and building women capacities has brought them to the fore in contributing to national development compared to the past where they were deprived and subjugated.

Practicing specialized surgery, administration and business among others are some of the areas that women never dared to venture.

Women are now exploring heights in the practice of medicine. One such outshining star is Dr. Niragire Alice, a 34-year female Rwandan who obtained her PhD in Surgery, currently practicing medicine at Rwamagana Hospital, Eastern Province.

She is the first female Rwandan to graduate in Surgery at PhD level which was established in Rwanda in 2006.

December, last year, she was awarded by first lady Jeannette Kagame as an excellent young female with outstanding deeds for such unusual achievements.

Dr. Niragire explains that the award induced pride and encouraged other ladies to strive for good achievements as well as reminding them they can equally perform and or exceede their brothers.

“The award boosted my fame. I am often invited in big events by madam Jeannette Kagame through Imbuto Foundation, an organization whose board she chairs.There I am presented as a model of girls with outstanding achievements.I will do my best to make my contribution,” she said.

Dr. Niragire says that she plans to keep mobilizing girls from various schools whether primary, secondary school or university to put many efforts in their studies to realize great achievements.

“We have realized that what we perceived as impossible for girls is possible.The most important is to become self confident and working hard with commitment day and night to realize great things since cultural barriers that existed in the past were removed. We have education for all and leadership supporting girls’ progress as well,” she said.

Dr. Niragire became orphan at 12 years old when her parents were killed in 1994 genocide against Tutsi. She was helped to further her studies by the government of Rwanda and obtained her PhD in surgery last year in July, 2015.

Dr. Niragire did secondary school at Ecole de Sciences de Byimana, Biology-Chemistry, from where she continued her studies at the National University of Rwanda in public health in 2004.

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Dr. Niragire Alice is the first female Rwandan to graduate in Surgery at PhD level



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