Moi’s Son Arrested

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On 26 November 2012 saa 06:22
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Philip Moi the son of former Kenyan President Danied Arap Moi was on Monday arrested at his Nairobi home and is expected to be arraigned in court.

In July, his estranged wife succeeded in an application to extend jurisdiction under which her husband can be arrested.

Court had previously ordered Philip Moi to pay his estranged wife Rossana Pluda Sh500,000 for upkeep payment and children maintenance.

Justice GBM Kariuki allowed an application by Ms Rossana Pluda, through her lawyer Judy Thongori, seeking to extend the jurisdiction under which Mr Moi can be arrested for failing to pay her maintenance fee as had been ordered by the court, to be extended to cover the entire country.

Initially, Mr Moi could only be placed under arrest within Muthaiga area, Nairobi.

Mr Moi had been ordered to pay Ms Pluda Sh250,000 a month for her upkeep and the maintenance of their two children. However, Mr Moi failed to comply.

The application filed by Ms Pluda Moi, on July 4, 2012 required that the orders of the arrest and detention in civil jail at the industrial area, Nairobi that were issued against Mr Moi for execution by the officers in charge of the police station nearest Mr Moi’s place of residence be expanded to include the order that the Commissioner of Police to execute such arrest whenever the respondent maybe in the Republic of Kenya.