Rwanda Best Place for Women to be Politicians

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On 15 January 2013 saa 02:24
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A new independent study that analyzed what the best places to be a woman are, on different criteria, revealed some surprising results.

In fact, who knew that in Qatar a woman has 6 times more chances to go to university? In fact, the study revealed that over 85% of the countries from all over the world improved their living conditions for women in the last couple of years.

In others, gender inequality is still a problem, unfortunately. Here are the most important results revealed by the study:

1. The overall best country for a woman: Iceland

Iceland surprises with its gender equality policy even when it comes to health, employment, politics or education. On the other hand, Yemen is the worst place for being a woman in general, while Afghanistan is by far the most dangerous place.

2. The best country for women who want to become politicians:Rwanda

Surprisingly, Rwanda is one of the few nations with a majority of women in the parliament. Other such countries are Belize, Oman, Yemen, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

3. Norway is the best country for mothers

The same study revealed Norway feature the lower risk of the child to die at birth.

This is due to the excellent medical system and the support offered to pregnant women. Again, the worst country in this matter is Afghanistan.

4. The most educated country for women in education: Lesotho

The study pointed out that in Lesotho over 95% of women can read and write, as opposed to only 83% of men.

In Ethiopia, on the other hand, only 18% of women are able to do this, making it the worst country when it comes to education.

5. The best country for a woman to become a president: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been led by women for 23 years. There are some other states in which this is the case, such as Sweden and Spain, but Sri Lanka is by far the best.

6. The best country for women who want to become artists: Sweden

It appears that the Arts Council in Sweden has successfully launched some programs that aim to improve gender equality when it comes to arts.

7. The best country for successful managers: Thailand

Women who want to become managers and enjoy success in their career can do really well in Thailand, apparently. It seems that the 45% of women in senior management is the best one in the world. On the other hand, Japan is the country has the lowest such percentage, 8%.

8. The best country to give birth is Greece

The study pointed that the safest country when it comes to giving birth is Greece. South Sudan is the most risky when it comes to this aspect.

9. The best country to make money as a woman is Luxembourg

Finally, Luxembourg has the honor of being the country where women make most money.

The average salary for women is estimated at $40,000, while for men it is $36,000.