Zanu-PF mourns Josiah Chinamano Jr

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On 29 December 2012 saa 12:36
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In Zimbabwe, ZANU-PF national political commissar Cde Webster Shamu yesterday sent a condolence message to the Chinamano family following the death of Josiah Pfumojena Chinamano Jr.

In a statement yesterday, Cde Shamu said Josiah Jr’s death was a great loss to the family.
Josiah was the late national hero Josiah and heroine Ruth Chinamano’s last born son.

“Our sorrow is further exacerbated by the realisation that death has robbed the Chinamano family, nay, Zimbabwe as a nation, a son named after his heroic father Josiah Mushore Chinamano (senior).

The young Josiah who endured incarceration for 19 months at the hands of the racist Smith regime, alongside his parents who were fighting for the liberation of the country, was detained and restricted at the tender age of five,” he said.

He said Josiah (Jnr) was a constant reminder that revolutionaries never die but turnover from time to eternity.

Cde Shamu said the experiences of young Josiah (Jnr) at Wha Wha Detention Camp would forever be a reminder that the scar that imperialism left is irreparable.

“As we pray for Josiah (Jnr)’s soul to rest in peace, we beseech the people of Zimbabwe to find strength in our unity of purpose that should forever bind us together irrespective of tribe, race or religion as we uphold the principle that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chinamano family has refuted allegations in the private media that they had been neglected by Government and Zanu-PF after the death of Mr Josiah Chinamano Jr.
Cde Chinamano Jr died on Christmas Day due to a liver condition.
He was 51 years old.

Family spokesperson Mr Kudakwashe Chinamano yesterday said it was unfortunate that Josiah died when all Government and party officials were on holiday.

“We want to clearly state that the story in some sections of the private media that our party has neglected us is totally unfounded and malicious. The party and Government have been with us and continue to stand by our side and our load has been very easy.”

He said the story showed great “immaturity” on the writer who did not notice that officials were on holiday.

“He should have known that everyone is on holiday to process anything. The story is just meant to cause unnecessary chaos, division and commotion.

“As you can see here we have members of the defence forces, officers from several ministries such as youth, media, Zanu-PF officials who are helping us with all processes,” he said.

Custodians of the Legacy secretary general Ms Bellinda Cele dismissed the story as false and baseless.

“Cde Chinamano died during the holiday and under normal circumstances everyone, including Government officials was on holiday so logistic mobilisation was not possible. Now that the holiday is over everyone has come on board. Zanu-PF and several Government officials are fully behind the family.”

She emphasised that Zanu-PF would not abandon its comrades and their orphans.

Josiah Pfumojena Chinamano Jr was born on February 17, 1961 at Harare Hospital, then Salisbury. He will be buried today at his rural home in Seke.