DRC: Kabila knows his limits, says political analyst Eloge Mwandwe

By Maniraguha Ferdinand
On 2 February 2021 at 12:12

Congolese political analyst Eloge Mwandwe says that he doesn’t see former DRC’s president Joseph Kabila interfering in the current president Felix Tshisekedi’s affairs, because he knows his limits.

Mwandwe says that it is instead, time for Tshisekedi to deliver on what he promised people who voted him in 2018.

Since last year, DRC has seen many political developments including the divorce between the alliance of Joseph Kabila’s coalition FCC and that of Tshisekedi, CACH.

Tshisekedi’s side has been accusing that of his predecessor which enjoyed majority in both parliament and government, of barring some development projects aimed at fulfilling pledges Tshisekedi made during elections.

By the end of last year, Tshisekedi made some reforms including conducting political consultations to form a new majority in national assembly, which saw senator Modeste Bahati Lukwebo, the former ally of Joseph Kabila nominated to help in forming Tshisekedi’s new political grouping, known as the Sacred Union.

Lukwebo presented his report last week to the president, and announced that more than 390 lawmakers agreed to join the new coalition. It was the same week that Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba resigned with his government, after being voted out by the parliament.

Mwandwe who is also a lecturer at University of Likasi in Kinshasa, told IGIHE that he does not think Kabila will retaliate.

He said that Kabila has had his 18 years in office, and he has nothing left to offer.

“The new identified majority has nothing to do with individual, instead, it was formed to improve citizens’ life, It is about the country. I do not think that President Kabila after eighteen years of power, has something else to offer”, he said

Mwandwe added that Kabila has done what he could “and now, it’s time for the current president, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi to implement his vision through the next government.”

Though Kabila has no majority both in parliament and government, he still has some people who are loyal to him and who are ready to fight back.

For Mwandwe, he doesn’t see it happening, because “Congolese people know President Kabila and he knows his limits”.

He adds that people should take DRC as a different nation from what it used to be.

“People should understand that the DRC has moved from a country which could not give hope to its citizens, to a country envisioning hope for its citizens. Majority of Congolese are focused on implementing the new president’s vision”, Mwandwe said.

After resignation of DRC Prime Minister Ilunkamba last week, the big task that lies ahead of president Tshisekedi is to form a new government made of new faces from Sacred Union.

Congolese political analyst Eloge Mwandwe says, it is time for Tshisekedi to deliver on promises.
DRC president, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi interacting with his predecessor Joseph Kabila. Net Photo