Demonstrations against UN experts report on Burundi continue

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On 30 September 2016 saa 12:24
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“I have come to protest because I am a Burundian, proud of my country and particularly to express my anger against UN experts who produced a biased report on Burundi, “says Cecile Nshimirimana, the national representative of FLORINA Mpuzabarundi political party. She has joined a protest that brought together around a thousand people including senators, members of parliament, political leaders, civil servants and other protesters this 29 September before the High Commissioner of UN Human Rights office in Burundi.

Protesters vow to continue demonstrating if the UN Security Council adopts a resolution drafted by the EU in the wake of the UN Experts independent investigation on human rights situation in Burundi that Bujumbura rejected.

“I will continue to protest because the international community wants to invade Burundi. Burundi is an independent country, led by democratically elected institutions. The UN Security Council should not impose a resolution based on false information. Those UN experts should have interviewed more Burundians before submitting the report to the UN Security Council “said Nshimirimana.

This happens while the 33rd session of the UN Human Rights Council on Burundi is being held since the morning of Tuesday 27 September.

For Vital Nshimirimana, the chairman of the Forum for the Strengthening of the Civil Society, these demonstrations organized by Bujumbura regime allies will have no impact. He says that the UN experts report is normally contradicted by a shadow report.

The Government of Burundi should produce a report contradicting that of the UN experts which provided evidence of serious crimes against the international rights.

For him, the fact that the Burundian government mobilizes state employees to leave their offices, their substantive positions to take part in the demonstrations against the High Commissioner of UN Human Rights office in Burundi is a shame for the country. “It’s not going to change anything because the international community is determined to fight impunity prevailing in Burundi by prosecuting perpetrators of serious crimes like crimes against humanity,” he says.

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Protesters before the High Commissioner of UN Human Rights office in Bujumbura