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EU urges political dialogue in DR Congo as government rejects opposition demand for elections this year
Published on 4-08-2016 - at 02:35' by Africa News

A delegation from the European Union in the Democratic Republic of Congo has called for political dialogue in the country.

The Group said on Tuesday that it is time for the Congolese government and the opposition to create the necessary conditions for inclusive talks soonest possible.

The EU delegation further supported the idea of the talks being facilitated by former Togo premier, Edem Kodjo , to which Congo opposition groups had earlier shunned claiming it was a trap by the government.

But with the recent return of Congolese opposition chief Etienne Tshisekedi, who alongside with some opposition leaders on Sunday approved the talks on condition that political prisoners should be released, is being viewed as a step towards the right direction.

Tshisekedi reportedly said that would be “high treason” if Kabila does not start the electoral process by September.

President Joseph Kabila has come under pressure to hold elections this year as his mandate expires in December, but the government maintains that the polls will be delayed due to logistical challenges.



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