Judiciary facing crisis - Besigye

Published by Daily Monitor
On 12 August 2016 saa 01:59
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“If the DPP wanted to help in this trial, he should have ensured that Kayihura is in court and that charges are read to him, that he enters a plea because how do you take on a charge when there is no plea of guilty or not guilty. What if he (Kayihura) enters a plea of guilty, what is the DPP taking over?” Dr Besigye asked.

Kampala. Opposition leader Kizza Besigye yesterday termed the raid by a mob on Makindye court to stop the prosecution of the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, on torture-related charges as an example of a crisis facing the Judiciary.

“There is a clear crisis in the Justice Law and Order Sector. It is not a new one, this is simply reminiscent of the Black Mamba who attacked courts not once but twice and I think our country must rise up to the occasion and take urgent measures to regain control of our institutions,” Dr Besigye said while addressing journalists at his home in Kasangati, Wakiso District, yesterday.

He cited the example of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)taking over the case where Gen Kayihura is charged even when the suspect is not in court as one of the challenges the sector is facing.

Gen Kayihura and seven other senior police commanders and officers did not turn up in court on Wednesday.