Kenya:Who will become president in August?

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On 30 May 2017 saa 10:16
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The electoral commission has approved eight candidates to take part in the presidential election in August, including incumbent leader Uhuru Kenyatta and his historic rival Raila Odinga.

The vetting process left several candidates disappointed, including one man who allegedly tried to jump off the sixth floor of the election commission’s office on Saturday when he was disqualified.

The eight candidates claim they have what it takes to lead Kenya. Here’s a look at the candidates competing.

Raila Odinga

Contesting for the fourth time, Mr Odinga, a former prime minister, is the National Super Alliance presidential candidate.

He is leading a joint opposition bid against President Uhuru Kenyatta, who beat him by a total of about 800,000 votes in the 2013 race.

His running mate is Kalonzo Musyoka.

Ekuru Aukot

A former secretary of the Committee of Experts that drafted the 2010 Constitution, Dr Ekuru Aukot is contesting for the first time.

The man from Kapedo, Turkana, has promised fresh leadership and has incorporated Mr Emmanuel Nzai as his running mate in his bid for the top job under the Thirdway Alliance Kenya.

Abduba Dida

Running on an Alliance for Real Change ticket under the Tunza Coalition, Mr Dida, a former Lenana High School teacher, is coming to the ring for the second time after his first attempt in 2013, managing 52,848 votes, in fifth place.

Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta is seeking re-election and will be on the ballot for the third time in his political career. The main thrust of his re-election campaign appears to be his development record over the past four years.

Prof Michael Wainaina

Prof Wainaina is a former Literature lecturer at Kenyatta University. He has recently styled himself as a political commentator and critic. His criticism cuts both ways and he says that he chose to go independent because the current parties don’t accommodate the youth and women.

Joseph Nyagah

He was cooperatives minister in the administration of Mwai Kibaki and would later become an adviser to President Kenyatta. Mr Nyagah has had a career in politics as an MP, representing the then Gachoka constituency in Mbeere, Embu County. He comes from a political family. His father Jeremiah was a Jomo Kenyatta-era minister and his brother Norman was most famous as a chief whip in the Kibaki era.

Japhet Kaluyu

He came back to Kenya from the diaspora and speaks with a noticeable American accent. He describes himself as a speaker, educator, consultant and author with experience in Wall Street, health research, academia and consultancy. He describes himself on his website as having been born “in a small village in Africa”.

Cyrus Jirongo

MrJirongo first expressed his interest in the presidency in 1998, but this is the first time he will be on the ballot. He first came into the national limelight as the chairman of Youth for Kanu 1992, with his famous protégé being Deputy President William Ruto.

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Voters queue to cast their ballots at Ziwani Social Hall in Starehe, Nairobi, on April 30, 2017 during ODM party primaries. The electoral commission has approved eight candidates to take part in the presidential election in August.

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