Resist enemies of Rwanda—Ndayisaba

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 27 September 2016 saa 05:32
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The executive secretary of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) Fidèle Ndayisaba has urged Rwandans to resist politicians who fled the country intending to sow seeds of hatred among Rwandans.

Ndayisaba made the call yesterday as the NURC met politicians from the Political Parties Forum in Rwanda.

“We know some people who call themselves politicians but guided by discrimination and genocide ideology which are not allowed in our country.They are scattered in different corners of the World and have channels to receive news from members of political parties in Rwanda .So they spread their negative ideology which can affect Rwandans,” he said.

Ndayisaba requested representatives of political parties in Rwanda to give a right direction to their members lest such people guided by negative ideology lead Rwandans in darkness.

“We request political parties in Rwanda to be cautious and avoid wasting their time on these bad politicians.These people intending to discriminate Rwandans, reintroduce racial discrimination have no place in our country and no one should listen to them,” he said.

Ndayisaba explained that no political party in Rwanda is guided by genocide ideology and discrimination but noted that some people call themselves politicians or political parties operating abroad and are marked by such negative ideology.

Ndayisaba said that the most important is that Rwandans maintain attained unity and reconciliation giving a lesson to others living in foreign countries.

He urged foreign countries to resist these people guided by discrimination and bad politics.

“We request that these people with negative ideology be deprived of space within countries they live. It is an obstacle to unity and reconciliation and doesn’t regard Rwanda only but it can create instability when these people are given ground.Whoever wants peace should not accept these people to operate in their land land," said Ndayisaba.

He lauded countries making efforts to extradite genocide suspects.

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The executive secretary of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) Fidèle Ndayisaba