We understand our needs better- Kagame

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 25 September 2016 saa 07:16
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President Paul Kagame has emphasized the importance of Rwandans identifying and addressing their needs and therefore foreigners should not feel ostracized when they are advised to leave domestic challenges to Rwandans for they understand them better.

He gave the emphasis during the Rwanda Cultural Day held in San Francisco in California of United States.

President Kagame referred to the talk he gave at the beginning of this week at Yale University where he said some leaders fail to address problems affecting their own people but, instead, appoint themselves as pundits to determine how other countries should be governed.

“Some international community members consider unique initiatives and transformations as obstacles just because they are not similar to their usual way of governance. They keep appointing themselves as the ones responsible for determining what should be done and outcomes instead of supporting domestic targets,” he said during the Yale University lecture.

President Kagame has said that people misinterpreted the message which he said does not worry him because Rwandans do what they need to benefit Rwanda not other countries.

He advised political leaders to be more concerned with changing own people’s livelihoods other than being concerned with other countries’ affairs. “Some people make it their mission and appoint themselves supervisors, thinking they know Rwandans’ needs. They need to mind own lives. I think we should be left to conduct our own affairs,” he said.

President Kagame reminded Rwandans to continue striving for dignity and transform lives through massive participation in national development.

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President Paul Kagame