Without taxes self-reliance impossible - RPF-Inkontanyi

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On 27 July 2017 saa 10:50
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The nation’s tax policy has been a burning issue during the presidential campaigns, an aspect that as well featured prominently during the live televised presidential debate this week.

The first live debate was organized by the National Electoral Commission and the State broadcaster Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), on Tuesday ahead of the August 4th elections.

During the debate, the spokesperson for Rwanda Patriotic Front RPF-Inkotanyi, Wellars Gasamagera disagreed with the promises made by independent candidate Phillipe Mpayimana and Democratic Party Secretary General Jean Claude Ntezimana.

Ntezimana said his party will abolish tax for the youth for at least two years.

“We will speed up economic growth through revising taxes, creating opportunities for the youth, at least by giving them two years-tax holidays. Traders are not happy with the current taxes, which leads to tax evasion and avoidance,” he explained.

The independent candidate Phillipe Mpayimana proposed that he plans to abolish tax on land when he ascends to the Presidential seat.

In response to the land tax platform, Green Party representative Ntezimana asserted that it seems there is no Rwandan who owns land.

In response, Gasamagera replied that Rwanda’s economy is based on assisting the private sector, in the quest of creating employment opportunities, which employment opportunities will, in turn, enable Rwanda to attain a good economic status.

“No achievement can be registered without self-sufficiency; we are talking about self-reliance, all those can’t be realized without taxes. I think that would tantamount to deceiving ourselves if we say that we want to be self-reliant. We want to fund the national budget at 100%.

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The Secretary General of RPF-Inkotanyi, Gasamagera Wellars
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The Secretary General of Green Party, Jean Claude Ntezimana
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Independent candidate, Philippe Mpayimana
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Broadcast journalist, Cleophas Barore was leading the session