ACP Rutaganira challenges Kayonza residents to lead in fight against illicit drugs

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 8 April 2017 saa 01:05
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The Eastern Region Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dismas Rutaganira met with hundreds of residents of Kabare Sector in Kayonza District and urged them to take a lead in fighting drug trafficking.

He said that "ownership" is a great tool in identifying, reporting and arresting drug dealers.

The RPC was speaking on April 5, shortly after he led over 100 police officers in an agricultural exercise to spray plantations against leaf diseases and fungicides.

The event was also attended by the mayor of Kayonza, Jean Claude Murenzi.

ACP Rutaganira advised residents to avoid drugs saying that, “It is a trap against success... there is no happiness but consequences.”

The RPC advised youth in the area that; “don’t forget you are the future leaders of this country. If you reject drugs and help report the traffickers, you are contributing to building a safer country.”

He said hat much as efforts were put in place to fight drug trafficking, there is still need for relentless and concerted the efforts to break chains of supply and ultimately prevent consumption.

He outlined effects of drug consumption saying, “such substances can have enormous health effects, such as brain damage, besides behavioural problems."

“These are consequences to the consumer but the effects can go as far as affecting families, communities and the country. This is why we should collectively fight the consumption of these substances,” said ACP Rutaganira.

Though police recorded success in working with local communities towards curbing drug abuse and trafficking, police have also initiated operations to crackdown such criminal activities that have yielded results.