Scientists reveal why the nipples get hard
Published on 9-09-2016 - at 01:08' by Elcrema

It’s normal for the nipples to get hard when stimulated or when the weather is cold, but why do they get hard for no reason at all? Researchers have an answer.

According to a research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, there is actually a nerve cell in the body whose only job is to hand out nipple erections.

This little nerve decides whether you’re going to have pointy nipples or not.

According to Alessando Furlan, the study’s co-author: “One thing we found was that goose bumps and nipple erection are caused by neurons that are specialised to regulate these functions by controlling the erectile muscles in these tissues.”

Unfortunately, there’s actually nothing you can do about it; it’s a natural bodily process.



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