IGIHE TV starts 24hrs/7 Live Streaming Services

Published by IGIHE Reporter
On 18 November 2013 saa 02:53
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IGIHE TV is now delivering 24 hrs Live Streaming Services to its audience around the World. The move was announced today 18 November 2013 by Safari Sahaha Germain, Chief Executive Officer of FREE MEDIA NETWORKS which owns the only Rwandan online TV, available on www.igihe.tv

Among other services, IGIHE TV will offer: live streaming of all sorts of events including workshops, seminars, Christian crusades, concerts, wedding ceremonies... and Special focus will be put on Political programs, Culture, Sports, Business and Science among other programs.

Speaking to IGIHE, Safari said that the new move will allow Rwandans who are in different corners of the world to view its services at any given time.

“Through Live Streaming, IGIHE TV will allow its audience to follow its programs at any given time with no limitation whatsoever given that the broadcasted programs will still be available as Videos on Demand (VoDs” Safari explained

He added that people who want to advertize their services will be given spaces for advert so that their customers will be able to follow their activities on IGIHE TV in video format.

Revealing new plans in the future Safari said “after the first step of providing online services, we plan also that next step will be to make IGIHE TV available on decoders”

The audience of IGIHE TV will have a chance to follow other television channels including France 24, RTL, ESPN, KTN and many others.