Ntawukuliryayo: SIM Card Registration Not For Phone Taping
Published on 20-02-2013 - at 03:01'

The Senate President has noted that resgistration of SIM Cards is not necessarily aimed at taping of phones by security Services but a prevention against criminality.

Dr. Dr Jean-Damascene Ntawukuliryayo told IGIHE shortly after registering his SIM Card.

Members of parliament both lower chambers and senate have registered their SIM Cards as required by all telecom operators to register all their subscribers.

The registration process countrywide will continue through up to the end of June.

Dr. Ntawukuliryayo said that they registered their SIM Cards to sensitize other citizens to be a part of the ongoing process adding that people shouldn’t be misled by false information about the program.

He stressed that the overall objective of registering SIM Cards is not to allow Security Services to tap into people’s conversations.

“It is rather a protection mechanism which makes it easier to track criminals,” He noted.

SIM registration will last Six months. It started on 4th February, 2013.



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