Rwanda Has fastest Internet Speed in Africa

Published by Dusabemungu Ange De La Victoire
On 19 November 2012 saa 05:51
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Rwanda has displaced Ghana to a country with the fastest broadband Internet speed in Africa, according to latest statistics from Ookla’s NetIndex.

From the latest broadband speed results, Rwanda currently has download speeds of up to 7.28 Mbps from 3.28 Mbps six months ago, ranking it 65th in the world.

The country is followed by Libya with 5.12 Mbps and Ethiopia with 4.82 Mbps.

Ghana which ranked on top with the fastest broadband speed in Africa in March 2012 has now dropped to the 4th position in the ranking with broadband download speeds of up to 4.42 Mbps, down from 5.14 Mbps about six months ago.

Other African countries with the fastest broadband speeds include Kenya with 4.34 Mbps, currently ranked 5th in Africa, dropping from 2nd position six months ago; Morocco with 3.51 Mbps, ranked 8th in Africa; and South Africa with 3.31 Mbps, ranked 10th in Africa and 118th in the world.

The table below shows a list of the top 10 African countries with the fastest broadband speeds as at October 2012.