10 signs you are dating a woman and not a girl

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On 22 August 2016 saa 12:43
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There comes a time in a man’s life, where he would look beyond the superficial things, and long to date a woman with value and one he can build up something special with.

When a man reaches a certain point in his life, he would seek for a mature relationship — one with values, and he knows that he can’t find this with every lady out there.

These are some signs you are dating a real woman.

1. She is interested in your growth as a person

While a girl is usually carried away by superficial things, a woman needs more than that; she’s interested in your growth financially, spiritually, career-wise and all other aspects of life. She just wants the best for her man.

2. She communicates

Girls want to be communicated to, they want to be understood, but are unwilling to make a move towards that; they tend to expect the man to just understand and communicate with them. But a woman communicates; she reaches out to you, she holds meaningful conversations, she explains her feelings and seeks to understand yours.

3. She makes the relationship better

A girl might expect you to spoil her all the time; she might want unlimited attention and affection, but she wouldn’t really put in efforts to make the relationship work. A woman has grown past all these; yes, she might want the attention and affection (all women do), but she’s also interested in building her relationship too.

4. She is genuine

A girl might live a life of pretence or even fake her feelings for you, but a woman is genuine; she is original, she lives her life without pretence and her love for you cannot be disputed.

5. She is honest and trustworthy

Girls easily pop out the lie, and conveniently too, but a woman understands the importance of truthfulness; she’s honest and truthful, and she’s a trustworthy person.

6. She builds success with you

The average girl looks for a successful man to be with, but a woman builds success with you; she recognises your goals, ambitions, passion and drive — and she helps build success with you.

7. She is willing to learn

She’s willing to learn, she’s open to communicate, she understands that there’s room for improvement, she listens and she interacts. These acts help her learn more; she isn’t stuck with what she knows – and only a woman can have these traits.

8. She builds her inner beauty

While most girls are focused on their outer beauty, a woman builds her inner beauty too. She understands that the inner beauty is way more important than the outer; she takes care of her outer beauty and then builds her character and person from within.

9. She handles situation better

A woman handles situation better; she doesn’t freak out when there is an understanding, she doesn’t put the whole blame on you either. She’s mature enough to accept her share of the blame, learn from it and look for solutions to help the relationship.

10. A woman isn’t self-centred. She cares about her man and cares about her relationship.

Dating a woman is totally different from dating a girl. Moreover, it isn’t age that makes a woman whom she is; it’s the values she has inculcated within her over a period of time that makes her mature and stand out.