10 suprising facts about dreams you probably didn’t know

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On 17 October 2016 saa 12:56
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Dreaming is a natural aspect of life; every human must have dreamt at one particular time of their lives. But what do you really know about your dreams?

These ten facts about dreams would probably shock you.

1. We only dream of faces we know

No matter what you feel, it’s been proven that the brain can’t really imagine a face; so everyone you dream of is probably someone you might have met at one time or the other. The brain has captured many faces that you won’t even believe you’ve seen before, and every face you see in your dream is a face you have most likely seen in reality.

2. Everyone dreams

So many people would tell you that they don’t dream, but that isn’t true. Studies have found that we all dream, but 60% of people can barely remember their dreams.

3. You can have several dreams every night

Experts reveal that you could have up to 100, 000 dreams in your lifetime and several of them in a night. Experts reveal that you can have up to 7 to a dozen dream per night and you dream every 90 minutes throughout the night.

4. Women dream of sex too

We all know of men’s dreams and their countless erections every night, but it isn’t just men that dream of sex alone.

A 2007 study found that women dream of sex just as much as men; though, while men dream of having sex with multiple partners, women dream mostly of celebrities, a crush, an ex or their current partner.

Another study in 2009 also found that while men dreamt more of sex women dreamt more of sexual fantasies like kissing and romancing.

5. Dreams can inspire great inventions

Many ideas and even great ideas have come from dreams. Dimitri Mendeleyev’s periodic table, Larry Page’s idea for Google and many other great innovations came from dreams.

6. You can take control of your dreams

A lot of people have learnt to take control of their dreams. This practice is called lucid or conscious dreaming.

7. Premonition dreams

Premonition dreams happen and are hardly explainable. This occurs when your dream comes to reality, and it has happened in many cases. Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination, while many of the 9-11 victims had warning signs of what was to come.

8. Many couples dream of their partner cheating

According to dream expert, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, the most common dreams are of people dreaming of their partners cheating. She did a survey of 5000 people and her study found that infidelity dream is the nightmare that haunts people the most.

9. Recurring dreams may mean something

Recurring dreams could be your mind’s way of passing a message according to Loewenberg. She suggests that there’s an underlying message in recurring dreams.

10. Dreams are mostly negative

Dreams are mostly negative than positive. Anger, sadness and fear are the three most reported emotions felt during dreams.

Do you still think that you don’t dream?