10 things a guy should never ask his girlfriend to do

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On 23 November 2016 saa 11:57
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While compromise is important in a relationship, there are certain things a guy shouldn’t ask his girlfriend to do.

Check them out below

1. It’s wrong for a guy to force his girlfriend into having sex with him. If she wants to wait for sex, it’s important you respect her decision. If you truly love her, you should wait for her.

2. It’s wrong to ask your girlfriend to have an abortion. If you think you are old enough as a man to be having sex, then you should be man enough to face the responsibilities if she gets pregnant.

3. Some men have fantasies of having a threesome; please never ask your girlfriend to do this. Asking your girlfriend to have a threesome can have damaging consequences on your relationship and you also don’t show your girlfriend respect when you ask her to have a threesome with you.

4. Never ask your girlfriend to make a sex tape with you. You might see it now as fun but trust me when I say it comes with its own consequences. Your sex tape could end up online and that isn’t something any of you want.

5. Never manipulate your girlfriend into performing sexual acts she isn’t comfortable with. Some guys manipulate their girlfriend by telling her if she loves him, she would do it with him. That’s so wrong.

6. Never ask your girlfriend to give up on her dreams. She’s entitled to chase her dreams and she expects you as her man to help her achieve her dreams.

7. Never ask your girlfriend to give up her friends for you. This is selfish. Her relationship with her friends and her relationship with you should coexist seamlessly. It’s wrong to ask her to quit her friends for you because you won’t do same if she ask you to quit your friends for her.

8. Never ask your wife to quit her hobbies just because you don’t love them. How would you feel if she tells you to quit your favourites hobbies?

9. Never force your girlfriend to dress in a certain way. If you know you can’t tolerate the way a woman dresses, please don’t ask her out. There’s nothing wrong in suggesting certain ways she could dress better but the final decision is hers to make.

10. It’s wrong to force your girlfriend to have sex with you if she isn’t in the mood, feeling sick or tired. Forcing her to have sex with you when she is clearly not in the mood is disrespectful and insensitive.