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10 things every good husband should do for his pregnant wife
Published on 16-07-2016 - at 05:27' by Elcrema

Pregnancy is an important stage of a woman’s life, but it isn’t just the woman who should carry the brunt of it all.

A man ought to be his wife’s support system at this important time, and these are some things he ought to do when she’s pregnant.

1. Listen to her

Listen to her even when she is talking gibberish. Just knowing that you are there for her would give her enough strength.

2. Make her feel beautiful

She still wants to feel beautiful even when she’s pregnant; she wants to know that you still find her attractive even though she has gained weight and her body might have changed. Tell her she’s beautiful and make her feel beautiful.

3. Understand her mood swings

With pregnancy comes mood swings in many women; she could be happy this minute and very sad the next. Try to understand her mood swing and remain calm even when she’s acting irritable and easily angered. Hormonal changes could make a woman act this way.

4. Spoil her

Spoil her, treat her well, take her out on dates, pamper her and be affectionate towards her.

5. Check on her

Even when you are at work or away from her, call her to know how she’s doing. It shows you care about her and the pregnancy.

6. Take a walk with her

The good thing about taking a walk with her is that it’s a form of exercising that’s healthy for your pregnant wife and for you as well. This would also make her happy and increase the bond between the two of you.

7. Be faithful

This is where a lot of men err; men cheat the most when their wives are pregnant, and this is unfair. She expects you to still love her body and remain faithful to her.

8. Keep her from worrying

A lot of women tend to get stressed and worry a lot when they’re pregnant. If your wife does this, be her support system, keep her from worrying and if possible, help ease her from stress.

9. Make love to her

That she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she no longer has feelings or desires; she would still want you to touch her and make love to her.

10. Feed her

With pregnancy comes a lot of craving and hunger too. Don’t criticise her like other men do, feed her and try to satisfy her craving. This is also why you need to have walks with her, so she can keep in shape too.

Your wife needs you when she’s pregnant, and if you are a good husband, you would do these things.



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