10 things good wives do

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 23 November 2016 saa 12:17
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Being a good wife is definitely not an easy role and this is why every man who has such a wife should adore and appreciate her.

Below are 10 things good wives do

1. A good wife makes her husband her number one priority not her career, friends, family or kids.

2. A good wife is happy to see her husband excel. She’s excited about her husband’s achievements as her own.

3. A good wife doesn’t nag about her husband’s mistakes because she understands nagging only worsens the situation.

4. A good wife enjoys spending time with her husband and ensures she creates time regularly for her husband.

5. A good wife accepts her husband’s flaws and doesn’t expect a perfect husband. Inasmuch as she wants her husband to be the best, she understands he would make mistakes sometimes.

6. A good wife cooks her husband his favourite meal when she has the time. She knows what he enjoys and is happy to cook him his favourite meal.

7. A good wife keeps her husband’s secrets. When her husband shares his secrets with her, she tells no one about it, not even her mother or friend.

8. A good wife is romantic and shows her husband she loves him by making sure she tells him “I love you” every day.

9. A good wife doesn’t give up on her marriage when things aren’t rosy. She is willing to work to make sure her marriage succeeds.

10. A good wife wants the best for her husband but is also content with what he has. A good wife avoids comparing her husband with other men.

Are you a good wife?