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10 things to love about this gift called life
Published on 14-07-2016 - at 01:35' by Elcrema

Life is a gift; it wasn’t paid for, it wasn’t earned, and it should be highly appreciated. Many live their lives complaining rather than be grateful, they choose to be remain indifferent to this gift.

There are so many things to love about this gift called life.

1. Love

Love is one of life’s greatest gifts; either it’s from a partner, a friend or from family, love is a gift. If you have love in your life, and you love someone and you are being loved in return, you should appreciate that.

2. Family

Family is another gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. With family comes a strong bond, and family is just so important in this place called earth. I wouldn’t even imagine a world without family.

3. Friends

There are friends that even turn to be family. Friends share in your world; they share in your good and bad times, and they make one’s life happy.

4. Nature

Nature is beautiful; mountain, rocks, oceans, trees and everything that encompasses nature. Nature is just so beautiful and should really be appreciated.

5. People

The world is a universal place, and the people in it create a network. Imagine a world with so few people or with just you in it; it wouldn’t be a beautiful place to be in. If people can only tolerate themselves and just appreciate the essence of having each other, the world be better. A life without people isn’t really life.

6. Happiness

Joy, happiness, laughter, smiles make life a worthy gift. Being happy is a gift money can’t buy. The fact that you can be happy and can make someone else happy makes life special.

7. The opportunity to start again

As far as you are alive, you have an opportunity to start again. Don’t let failure weigh you; you can always start again. And this is a gift of life that many take for granted.

8. The fa that nothing is permanent

Change is a constant thing in life; you can always change what you don’t like, and you can always be who you want to be.

9. A heart

The ability to love, the ability to care, and the ability to feel compassion makes life worth it.

10. The ability to help someone and affect someone’s life is a beautiful thing, and it’s one you can only experience in this gift called life.

If you think life isn’t a gift that should be appreciated because you feel times are hard or that things are going against you, you need to have a rethink.



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