10 things you should never say to a naked man

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On 5 September 2016 saa 01:20
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When with your man, or any man in the room, and it gets to that stage he strips off, there are certain things you ought not to say, else you would kill the mood.

Also, if you know you aren’t ready to get laid, NEVER LET HIM TAKE IT ALL OFF.

When a man gets naked, he gets a bit more different in attitude and character, and what you say or do afterwards might make or spoil his day.

There are certain things you shouldn’t really say to a naked man

1. Why aren’t you hard yet?

This question is a certified mood killer. Sometimes, it could take a while to get him off as a result of stress, alcohol and other vices. Rather than say this, try to stimulate him instead, else you would ruin the mood.

2. I’m not in the mood

This is like going to a store, collecting a candy, open it up and start eating only to notice you left your money at home. It’s better to tell him you aren’t in the mood before he gets naked, because once he gets naked, there is no turning back for him.

3. Oh!

When a lady says oh after seeing a man naked, it’s usually for two reasons; it’s either he has a big organ or a small one. If he notices that your ‘oh’ is for the second reason then you’ve succeeded in making him less confident.

4. Do you love me?

Well, this is a wrong question to ask a man that’s naked and only has one thing in his mind. Of course he wouldn’t tell you no at that point.

5. Can we hold on for a few minutes?

This is also another question that could leave him on the edge. You don’t wake up a sleeping tiger and expect it to hold on. If you aren’t ready, never take things too far.

6. My ex used to...

There are better ways to discuss your fantasies than reminding him of what your ex used to do; no man loves that.

7. Maybe some other time

After getting to this stage, the only other time on his mind is now. Some other time doesn’t exist in his dictionary at that point.

8. I need to take this call

That call would seem so unimportant to him at that time, regardless of who’s calling; it would only kill the mood.

9. I think I have something to tell you

Discussions are usually boring when a man is naked and worse still when it’s a bad news. Choose a better time and probably a better venue.

10. Guys love it when I...

That’s another bad one to say; this passes a message of being too flirty or rather too promiscuous. Except it’s a fling, no man would want to know of your sexual escapade.

There are certain things you shouldn’t ignore, and these ten things are exactly what every naked man would never love to hear.