10 unexpected ways life changes after having kids

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On 24 August 2016 saa 01:47
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Kids are a blessing from God, and they have a funny and unexpected way of changing one’s life.

These are some ways your life changes after having those adorable kids.

1. Your expenditure rapidly increases

When you have plan on having kids, you know that your expenses would increase, but it goes way beyond that. Your expenditure doesn’t just increase, it massively increases, and you might have lots of sleepless nights over how much more you need.

2. You would spend a lot on diapers

The diapers thing is another one; of course you know your kids would use diapers, but you have no clue that you would need thousands of diapers for just one child.

3. Your laundry time will increase

With kids, you would just have to do laundry all the time. It never ends.

4. Cleaning the house

Keeping the house clean as you used to would be a hectic task when you start having kids. No matter how hard you try, your house wouldn’t be as organised as it was. Of course, there would be those fine lines and tough dirt on your couch.

5. Loss of sleep

Your sleep pattern would definitely change; you wouldn’t sleep as much as you used to once you start having kids.

6. Your sleep pattern would forever be different

For most parents (women especially), they never go back to their old sleeping ways; those months of constant sleepless nights and tossing around in bed, as well as sleeping and waking, would change the way you sleep forever.

7. Your sex life would change

Do you think your sex life will remain the same? Of course not. A survey found that 86% of parents had sex less often after having kids.

8. New hair

For some women, they could begin to notice new sprouts of hair in places that used to be smooth before giving birth.

9. TV volume?

No one would have to tell you that you can’t watch TV programs with loud volumes anymore. The fear of waking up the baby wouldn’t let you dare.

10. You would be happier

And I saved the best for the last. In spite of everything, you would be happier; children bring joy. A study done by researchers at the Pew Research Center found that children were a significant source of happiness for their parents, and were nearly twice as meaningful to them as anything else in their lives.

No matter how much your life changes after having kids, you just can’t do without them.