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10 ways to turn your woman on tonight
Published on 20-07-2016 - at 01:22' by Elcrema

Sometimes it’s so difficult to turn your woman and you begin to wonder if it’s really that difficult to turn a woman on or maybe your woman might just be having issues.

It’s easy to turn a man on, the woman doesn’t need to be a pro but it’s so different with ladies. Unlike a man that needs pushing few buttons to turn him on (sometimes just undress and your man is on. LOL), a woman needs more to get her in the mood for some action.

If you need some action tonight and you need some few tips on how to turn your woman on, you should read this.

1. Tell her why you love her. Don’t try stealing some lines you heard on a movie. Your woman is unique and there should be some reasons why you fell for her.

2. Make her anticipate the things you want to do to her. Whisper into her ears the ways you plan rocking her tonight.

3. Give her a good unending hug. Let her know you don’t plan ending the hug. She should be the one to end it.

4. How about some ice effect. Move some ice cubes along her neck, nipples and inner thigh. You can substitute it with a chilled grape or apple. She would love this as cold is sensed by more nerve endings than mere touch.

5. Shower with her and rub the lather gently on her. She won’t just feel the lather on her body, she would also feel the firm caresses of your hands.

6. Give her a good massage.

7. Ask her to tell you the things she wants you to do to her. But you should first start with a kiss and then tell her you wouldn’t do anything else but kiss until she tells you what else she wants you to do to her.

8. Pour chocolate syrup or fruits all over all body while you leak it up.

9. Leave love notes around the house. The kitchen, the fridge, on the TV, on the bed and any other around the house you can think of.

10. Buy her new lingerie and ask her to change into it.

Why don’t you turn her on tonight with these tips and feel like a pro.

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10 ways to turn your woman on tonight



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