11 reasons why women avoid sex with their partner

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On 30 August 2016 saa 01:43
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As a man, it can be very frustrating to want to do it, and your woman doesn’t feel the same way; it gives the feeling of both anger and unattractiveness. However there’s nothing that ever happens without a reason, women don’t just turn down the opportunity to have se* with their partner for nothing; if they do, there’s a reason why.

On this post, I’ll be listing some of those reasons and shedding light on them.


Women are humans too, they may engage themselves in tiring activity through the day, and end up very exhausted at night. If their partner wants to have sex with them the same night, there’s every likelihood that they won’t bulge to his request because they lack the energy to get down.

2. Poor libido

While most men and women have a very high sex drive or libido, there are others who do not. People like this rarely feel the urge to have sex, even if their partner wants to. If you’re a man and your partner has refused you sex, this could be the reason; it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not attracted to you anymore. So, rather than hold it against her, seeking a solution is the wiser move. There are many drugs and procedures that can help people with this condition.

3. It’s that time of the month

This is one of the commonest reasons why women don’t want to have sex with their man. When it’s that time of the month, most women have no interest in anything else, except trying to see it out. Even if as a man you have no problem with getting down with a woman in her period, she may not respond to your advances.

Wait it out, man, it’s just a couple of days, yea?

4. The penny is humongous

Forget all those things you see in porno, there’s a limit to how much a big penny can satisfy a woman; if it’s too big, it simply can hurt her instead, and that can be a turnoff for women. The whole point of sex is to get pleasure, isn’t it?

5. There’s someone else

As sad as this is, it’s true, so I can’t skip it. Women can definitely turn down sex if they’re no longer attracted to you. When someone is no longer attracted to you, they lose total interest in everything related to you, including sex.

6. They don’t get what they want

We all have sexual fantasies and fetishes, and we expect our partners to indulge us, sometimes. There are women who enjoy being spanked or staying on top for example, but most men wouldn’t have that because they want to be ‘in charge’. This can put a woman off, and make her lose interest in having sex with her man; I mean, let’s face it, what’s the fun in it, if you can’t get what you want out of it?

7. Poor confidence

There are people who just don’t feel comfortable being naked, either because they think they don’t look great when naked or they just can’t get over their shyness, and it can be a problem in bed because she’d rarely want to do it, even if the man is dying for it.

Poor confidence can also be as a result of her sexual abilities. If she’s not confident in her own abilities in bed, it can scare her away from the act.

8. Their man can’t do it right

Many men love sex, but very few know how to do it right. Doing it right takes a lot of commitment, effort and sacrifice on the man’s part, so unless they’re ready to put in all that, it’ll always be difficult for them to please their woman, and the truth about sex and women is that if you don’t get it right, you risk putting them off or losing them even. You don’t expect a woman who knows what it feels like to orgasm to accept anything less, no way. If she feels like she’s not getting anything out of the whole exercise, she might as well quit it with the man.

9. Bad breath

Let’s face it, there’s no way you’ll enjoy sex or even being with someone if their breath stinks, because you’ll always feel disgusted at the thought of kissing them. It’s sad, but it’s the honest truth.

10. Weak erection

A weak erection is also known as ‘half erection’. It is inadequate, insufficient, and can’t offer women maximum satisfaction. Women who have partners with this problem try to help them if they really love them, otherwise, they’ll just ignore and avoid having sex with them.

11. It’s boring

If a man doesn’t find newer ways to satisfy and wow his woman in bed every time, he risks losing her or maybe causing her to lose interest. Women like to be surprised and wowed all the time, if you stop bringing the wow factor to the bedroom, she might get bored and tired of doing it with you.