11 signs you are successful in life and don’t even know it

Published by Elcrema
On 3 September 2016 saa 11:30
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People try to quantify success as only what they can see, the money in their bank account and the number of material things they can afford. That’s their definition of success; but success is bigger than that. Many people are successful and don’t even know it.

These signs below clearly show that you are successful:

1. You have dreams and goals

If you have dreams, goals and a passion for something then you are on the pathway to success. You can’t live your life without goals and dreams; it takes off the magic of being human and being driven.

2. You believe in yourself

If you have belief in yourself, no matter the situation you are in and what you have been through, then you’re successful.

Having great belief in yourself is one of the greatest successes you can have in life.

3. You work towards your dream

Your dreams will be a total waste if you don’t put efforts in making it a reality. If you don’t work towards your dream, it will die; but if you do, then you are a successful person already.

4. You have a conscience

Many people loot, kill, cheat, defraud others, steal and perpetrate all manners of evil just to get rich, but this is wrong. Real success isn’t built this way; if you have a conscience and choose to do what’s good and right, you’re a successful person.

5. You build amazing friendships

People no longer value friendships, but building amazing friendship is worth more than gold and silver. I’d never exchange a good friend for anything in life; if you have such friendships, then you don’t how successful you are. It would only take an amazing person to build a loyal and amazing friendship with someone else, that isn’t characterised by what you have and what you don’t.

You don’t know how successful you are if you can boast of having a friend who is there for you always and who you are there for; not everyone can boast of this, and that is success.

6. You have love in your life

Love these days is underrated, but it shouldn’t be so. If you have the love of a friend, family or spouse, then you are successful.

7. You invest in people

When you are interested in people; in making people better, in putting a smile on someone’s face and bettering lives wherever you go, you are a successful person, and the world needs more people like you.

8. You build happiness wherever you go

The real successful people are happy people; they are interested in making people happy and building happiness wherever they go. No success is real success if there isn’t happiness.

9. You have a good heart

A good heart, a kind heart — these two things are a rarity in this generation, but those with these qualities are the real successful ones.

10. You seek knowledge

You improve yourself, you seek knowledge and you try to learn and understand things better in every situation you find yourself — that’s success.

11. You make yourself better

You can’t call it success when you are stagnant in life; when you don’t try to be a better version of yourself in whatever situation you find yourself. Whether it’s your relationship, career, family, education — try to make yourself better with each day, and that my friend is the real definition of success.

Don’t join the bandwagon of people who believe success is power or wealth; success goes beyond that, and it’s something not everyone can understand.