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11 sweet things your partner would like to hear from you
Published on 21-07-2016 - at 01:01' by Elcrema

What you say would affect your relationship more than you know. Every partner longs to be told sweet things, and there are some things you say that would make your partner fall in love with you the more, feel loved and appreciated, and in turn make your relationship better.

These sweet words would make your partner swoon.

1. You mean a lot to me

Surely, everyone wants to mean so much to their partner. Telling your partner this would make them feel special.

2. I’m proud of you

Everyone needs someone that would be proud of them; someone who would be amazed at what they have done, the efforts they have put in and how far they have come.

3. I love being with you

Telling your partner that you love being with him/her is another special thing that your partner would love to hear. This would make their presence feel worth it.

4. I’m sorry

Your partner also wants you to apologise when you’re wrong. This is a difficult thing for most people, but it’s one every partner would love to hear.

5. You are charming

Telling your partner how beautiful or good-looking they are is another sweet thing your partner would love to hear. Your partner wants to be seen as charming, beautiful/handsome by you.

6. You look good in that dress

This is a lovely compliment that your partner would love to hear.

7. You make me better

This is probably one of the sweetest words you can tell your partner. Words like this would make your partner want to be better for you.

8. You make me happy

This would also make your partner happy. If your partner makes you happy, why don’t you tell that person? Your partner would even want to do more.

If your partner is away from you, your partner wants to be missed. Your partner would feel special when they know they are missed.

10. You are the best

Telling that special someone that he/she is the best is same as telling your special someone that no one can take you away from them.

11. I’d always be there for you

This is the most supportive thing you can tell your partner, and your partner wants to know that you would always have their back.

Build your relationship with these sweet words. If you have a partner that’s deserving of these words, then you should tell them.



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