11 things a man wants to tell you but don’t know how to

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On 28 October 2016 saa 01:25
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There are some things a man will easily say to his buddy, but would have no clue how to tell his lady. He chooses not to tell you, probably because he might feel embarrassed about it, or he isn’t sure how you’d react, or you might take it the wrong way or he doesn’t even know how to go about it.

These are some of those things he wants to tell you but don’t know how to.

1. That he doesn’t understand your mood sometimes

A lot of men don’t understand why a woman has mood swings — when she’s happy this minute and goes blank all of a sudden. He would love to know why and what’s really happening, but of course he’s going to be ignored at this time.

2. Wants to be loved for who he is

Every man wants to feel loved because of who he is; not because of his wealth, connection or other trivial things. A lot of women these days make it all about the money, but men sometimes get the impression that all you care about is money — and it could be demoralising.

3. Respect shouldn’t be negotiated

Every man wants to be respected by his lady, but these days a lot of women disrespect their men and say all manner of demeaning things to them. Every man wants to feel that he’s respected by his woman and that she values him too.

4. Your words really hurt

Some women tend to go haywire during a misunderstanding, and they could say all manner of things to their man. While a man might act like the words mean nothing to him, they actually do — and it hurts him for a long time.

5. Sometimes ,men need their space

Sometimes a man needs a bit of space; not that he doesn’t love you anymore or that you mean less to him at that point; it’s him trying to find himself and thinking certain things through. Of course, you occupy his heart, but in a man’s world, there are always complex things to ponder on.

6. It’s not really that our buddies come before you

Sometimes a woman might feel like a man’s friend(s) actually comes before her, but this isn’t how he sees it. He really wants you to know that the connection he has with his friends is different from that which he has with his woman, and he needs both because you both play different roles in his life — and you are the one he comes back to at the end of the day, except he doesn’t love you.

7. Sex

There are so many things a man will like to tell/ask his woman regarding sex, but not many men know how to go about this. First, he wants to honestly know what you think of the sex and then what he can do improve it. These two things matter to almost every man.

8. Sometimes it’s hard to make you happy

Every man who loves his woman wants to see her happy, but sometimes men are confused as to how they’ll go about this. It’s hard sometimes to make a woman happy, and men in a way want to hear from you how to make you happy — it might be ironical or counterintuitive, but this really happens.

9. Go straight to the point

Men hate when women beat around the bush; they just want you to go straight to the point sometimes and spare them the long details. Of course, he cannot tell you this.

10. Commitment

It isn’t really that men are scared of commitment; it’s complications that a lot of men are scared of. Some men dread marriage because they feel the woman could become too complicated when they tie the knot and some other similar problems. It’s the complication and fear of making the wrong decision that scare most men.

11. Stop complaining

Your man wants to tell you to stop complaining; he probably must have gotten your point when you say it just once than you having to repeat it countless times. Nagging and complaining makes his bitter. Saying it once is usually enough.

There are a thousand other things a man wants to tell you, but truly, he doesn’t know how to — and these 11 things are just some of the basics.