11 things only desperate women do

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 10 November 2016 saa 01:52
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Desperation is never a good thing, and there are countless of women out there who are desperate. Some women even put up desperate acts and are ignorant of the fact that they are being desperate.

Desperation would only make a woman lose her value and make her seem ordinary in the eyes of men.

Below are some signs of desperation many women tend to exhibit.

1. Chasing after a man because he is rich

Countless women do this and see no wrong in it. When a woman does everything possible to get a man simply because he’s rich then that’s a sign of pure desperation.

2. Agree to be a side chic

I mean who prides in being a side chic? Only a desperate woman does. Only a desperate woman would agree to be a side chic or sex tool to a man simply because she doesn’t want to lose him, or hoping that he would see her worth someday — he never would.

3. She dresses in scanty clothes to gain a man’s attention

Only a desperate woman would go to this length to get a man’s attention. It shows desperation when you feel you have nothing to offer a man but your body.

4. Falling for every man that comes your way

Some women have no choice when it comes to men; they cling on to any man who comes their way. Only a desperate woman would have no choice of what she wants in a man. To avoid being single, desperate women cling on to any man.

5. Marriage

Some women are desperate for marriage to the extent that they pressure any man who comes their way for marriage. Some ladies even go as far as talking about marriage just after the first date and many pressure their man for marriage a few weeks after dating. This is only a sign of desperation.

6. Only desperate women allow their men treat them like shit

You might call it love, but I call it desperation. When a man treats you with disrespect and disregards you, it means he doesn’t value you and you shouldn’t be having that relationship with him. Only a desperate woman would take all the ‘shit’ from her man, and at the end of the day he leaves her when he’s fed up.

7. She tries to trap a man with pregnancy

Some women intentionally get pregnant for a man simply because they want to be in his life or probably to extort money from him. This is only a sign of a desperate woman.

8. To constantly call a man who wouldn’t call her back

It shows desperation when you call a man who would never return your call. This only shows he doesn’t care about you; but a desperate woman wouldn’t care anyways.

9. She has no life outside of a man

You ought to live your life too, but a desperate woman never does this; her whole life revolves around a man who probably doesn’t care too much about her.

10. Stalk a man

It’s not bad to have a crush on someone; it’s bound to happen now and then. But when it gets to a point where you have to stalk him on social media and his residence or place of work then that’s plain desperation.

11. She spends almost her whole life on dating sites

Only a desperate woman with little to no social life would spend all her spare time on countless dating sites in search of men.

Being a desperate woman would only make men see you less than who you truly are. Brace yourself up and become a woman who people would value.