11 things you must quit if you want to be successful

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On 6 June 2017 saa 09:05
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Everyone wants to be successful; I’m yet to see a person who wants to be a failure.

However, it’s not enough to want success; there’s always a price to pay for success. There are some things you must quit if you truly want to be successful.

These are some of those things you must quit to be successful:

1. Quit trying to achieve goals without a plan

Planning is a huge part of success; every success comes with a laid out plan. Even when the plans fail, you have to keep planning and re-planning. You cannot achieve success without a plan.

2. Quit thinking you don’t have a choice

You might feel stuck and believe that you don’t have a choice; but there’s always a choice. You only have to look at things with a third eye.

3. Quit thinking things will pan on its own

Things don’t move on their own except you push them. Thinking things will work out on its own are just a lazy man’s way of thinking. Look at the reason for the problem and spend your time thinking of the solution; that’s how things work.

4. Quit thinking short term

Short-term goals will only give you short-term results. To move forward in the future, you must think about the future; don’t just expect the future to sort itself out — plan about your long-term future.

5. Quit giving excuses for failure

There’s always an excuse for failure, and there are always two reactions to failure. The first reaction is to evaluate why you failed, plan on a new outcome and try again, and the second reaction is to justify why you failed to yourself and then everyone. While unsuccessful people go for the latter, successful people choose the former.

6. Stop looking for quick success

Check the life of every successful person in any given field — one thing they all have in common is patience; patience, perseverance, dreams, vision and hard work are all found in everyone who has genuine success. Stop looking for overnight success; if you want to succeed genuinely, then there should be nothing like overnight success in your dictionary.

7. Don’t be afraid of the pain

There’s a common theme most gym instructors have — “no pain, no gain”, and this is true in every aspect of life. The pain is where the lessons are, and where the lessons are, is where you’d find success. In other words, the reality of success is wrapped up in the misery of pains; every successful person knows this. Listen to every success story and you’ll observe that there is always a period of pain — this is inevitable.

So don’t be afraid of the pain if you want to be successful.

8. Quit thinking negatively

I always mention this on this platform, and if you’re a regular reader of Elcrema, you’d know how much emphasis I put on positive thinking. Thinking negatively just puts an end to success; success starts with the mind, and if the mind thinks it’s impossible then you have nailed that dream to the cross. If you can overcome your mind, then you can be anything in this world that you want to be. Your mind is your biggest asset and it’s yet your biggest enemy.

9. Quit talking and start working

I have a friend who’s so blessed with wonderful ideas. Any time I see him, he has a new idea buzzing in his head, and I’d say to myself “that’s a beautiful idea”. The problem is that he always talks about his ideas and never work on them, and that was when I gave up on him. Anyone who’s ready to talk the talk and not do the work isn’t ready for success.

10. Quit procrastinating

The time to start is always now; procrastination is an enemy of success. It starts with having a reason to delay and start tomorrow, and then it’ll give you so many reasons why you shouldn’t start at all.

11. Quit comparing yourself with others

There might be competition in business, but there’s no competition in life. And even in business, there’s still a sky big enough for everyone despite the competition. So stop comparing yourself with others and start building on your path to success.

Are you truly ready for success? Then you must quit these things.